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Welcome to Mini You Gift, where we produce handmade, 3D figurines that look just like you from your own pictures! We are a group of California-based artists who want to give people the option for a very real, very personal gift. Our unique line of customizable figurines give you personalized options for: wedding gifts, graduation gifts, retirement gifts and birthday gifts (we’ve even made one for a wedding proposal!) or we can make any custom design that you have in mind. Our mission is to give every one of our customers an unforgettable, unique memento.

All MiniYous' are handmade from non-toxic clay and baked in an oven; Therefore, each one is so unique that you cannot find another duplicate. Collect as many MiniYous as you can for all your different moments. Colors in pictures will fade away with times, but all MiniYous are 3 Dimensional which can last forever. Order your MiniYou figurine today and turn your picture into a gift that you’ll never forget. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. See some examples of our work...

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